More Honest Leaders in Uniform

When asked, the junior leaders will not acknowledge lying but will deploy Orwellian phrases like “You gotta make priorities”, “we met the intent”, or “we got creative”.


Zhima Score- China’s Social Credit System

Good evening- China's social credit system is somewhat familiar territory.  But thanks to a recent article in Wired by Mara Hvistendahl the specifics make more sense.  Let me first of all clarify that I loved living in China and loved the people there but the politics and party control make me cautious. China has developed a system … Continue reading Zhima Score- China’s Social Credit System

Prey- A Review

2032 when Prey takes place is the not so distant future.  No real intriguing speculations about the future considering the whole plot of Prey takes place in an alternate universe in which Kennedy was never assassinated (among other differences).  But perhaps understanding how to manipulate neurology is our next big frontier. 

Charlottesville, an Unfortunate Aberration

Good morning all- Regarding the recent protests, counter-protests and violence in Charlottesville.  This is disturbing news and I have been struggling to find ways to see such serious political action as legitimate separate from racism because this seems just too much to take seriously.  After searching through some of the organizations involved it appears that … Continue reading Charlottesville, an Unfortunate Aberration