Hope, Volume 3

Good evening- here I comment upon the inauguration of Donald Trump and the following day’s events in D.C. and around the world in protest of that inauguration.

Thousands Attend Women's March On Washington

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Yesterday was a hard day.  I sat at work clicking through images of the Obama family leaving the White House and witnessed the chest thumping triumphalism of Obama’s replacement.  It was easy to be in denial in the weeks following the election but watching Obama wave from a helicopter made everything feel real, and it was miserable.

Today brought my spirits back up.  Turns out that the Women’s March protest in D.C. today produced bigger crowds than did the inauguration.  And I know that unfortunately many people feel little love for the news media and are quick to denounce news stories that work against their political dispositions as “fake” can see further evidence here and here in case there was any room to doubt.  The latter shows nearly every celebrity coming out in support of the march.  Not to suggest that one’s political beliefs should be swayed by the attitudes of media stars but now that the country has elected a reality TV star, real estate mogul and beauty pageant aficionado to the highest elected position in the country perhaps celebrity means more than it’s given credit for.

And I’d almost forgotten that actually, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  By a lot.  (And one more for the conservatives from their own mouthpiece.)  Depending upon the source you choose to listen to Clinton won the popular vote by upwards of a million.

Which looks like this:


Twice.  Or times five if you accept the 2.5 million vote disparity.

Here’s why I find hope today:  There’s been a great deal of talk about people, minorities, women, sexual minorities, immigrants, feeling afraid of what a Trump election means for their place in this country.  Now I know, now I have seen it.  It isn’t the minorities which should fear bigots and prejudice.  The bigots should be afraid of us and the peace, the prosperity, the equality, the justice, the balanced approach to economics and world affairs that we will bring with us.



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